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Safety Articles & Information

Martin Lesperance has written a multitude of articles on safety in the workplace and safety in the home. Industrial safety is a critical topic for his corporate clients. Worker injuries account for a large part of employee benefit costs. Thus, fire safety, home safety and even school safety have become vital ingredients for a healthy corporate bottom line. So, let Martin’s series of safety articles improve your corporate well-being by providing a healthy dose of internal awareness to help prevent employee injuries and accidents and keep your employees where they should be on the job. Each is chock full of safety information and tips! Just click on the titles to discover more about what your employees need to know more about now… to boost employee safety tomorrow. After all, a healthy employee is a productive one!

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"Martin Lesperance is a firefighter/paramedic and best selling author who offers humourous talks dealing with injury prevention. He can be reached at (403) 225-2011 or visit his website at"

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About These Articles Around The Home  (9 articles)
The Dollars and Cents of Safety  (3 articles) Automobile Safety  (5 articles)
The Weekend Warrior Syndrome  (1 article) Falls  (2 articles)
Medical Emergencies  (2 articles) Fire Safety  (6 articles)
Miscellaneous Articles  (2 articles) Parents  (17 articles)
Weather Concerns  (4 articles)  
The Dollars and Cents of Safety
It's Good Business To Prevent Motor Vehicle Collisions
What Do Injuries Really Cost?
Injury Prevention Instead of Disability Management
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The Weekend Warrior
The Weekend Warrior Syndrome
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Around The Home
Accidents are Predictable and Preventable
Barbecue Safety Hearing Loss
Chain Saws Herbicides and Pesticides
Electrical Safety Lawnmower Safety
For the Kids Step Ladder Safety
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Automobile Safety

Adverse Driving Conditions
Seat Belts
Sleep Deprivation
Tire Safety
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Falling Hazards
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Fire Safety
Camping and Fire Safety
Carbon Monoxide
Chimney Safety
Combustible & Flammable Materials
Escape Plan
Gasoline Safety
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Medical Emergencies
Heart Attack and Stroke Emergencies
Stroke, CVA or Brain Attack
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Baby Sitters Play Ground Safety
Baby Walkers Poisoning
Bicycle Safety Shaken Baby Syndrome
Burns Skis, Toboggans, and Sleds
Burns and Scalds Suffocation Hazards
Cat and Dog Bites Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
The Child's Room Toy Safety
Drowning Yard Hazards
Lead Poisoning  
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Weather Concerns
Freezing Rain
The White Stuff Can Kill
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Miscellaneous Articles
Reducing Injuries
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