As a cause of unintentional deaths, falls are outranked only by deaths due to motor vehicle injuries. Falls account for 40% of all the unintentional deaths in Canadian homes.

Falls are responsible for a great deal of pain and suffering. Falls can happen anywhere: from heights as low as the kitchen counter or as great as from a high rise apartment. The results range from minor discomforts such as a skinned knee, to injuries that may be devastating, or even life threatening. For instance, a fall could result in paralysis from the neck down. That sort of injury could hospitalize your child for the rest of their lives.


In 1994 in Toronto, Ontario, a child fell out of a third floor window. When the mother screamed a man who happened to be walking by looked up and caught the baby. The baby was virtually unharmed.

Since then there have been many fatalities where infants have fallen to their deaths from apartment balconies.


Counters and Change Tables


Balconies and Windows


In 1999 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a four year old child pushed through a screen from a third floor apartment window. He fell to his death.



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