Tire Safety


The right air pressure in your tires will help prevent collisions and save fuel. Tires will wear longer. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper inflation pressures. See your owner’s manual.


·       Serious injury may result from tire failure due to over-loading or under-inflating tires.

·       It’s a good idea to purchase a tire gauge from a tire dealer or auto supply store. Many garage gauges may be inaccurate.

·       Check tire pressure at least once a month. Don’t forget to check the spare. Also check before a long trip.

·       Check the pressure when the tires are cold (when they have traveled less than 1 mile (1.5 km), or have been standing for 3 hours or more).

·       Under-inflation or over-loading can create excessive heat and could possibly lead to tire failure.

·       Once a month, check closely for uneven tire wear. This can be caused by improper balancing, incorrect tire pressure, misalignment or other mechanical problems. If you find uneven wear, have it checked at your tire dealer or garage.

·       If a tire continually needs more air, have it checked at a tire dealer.



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