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  • Client Feedback:

    Thank you for the terrific and powerful safety message you delivered to our employees and customers yesterday. I've gotten many compliments and strong feedback about how much more aware they now are of the consequences of seemingly trivial actions can have on safety.

    You have a great style that rivets people's attention for an hour and a half by combining humor with the seriousness of the safety top and hard lessons learned from your observations as an EMT. You kept our attention completely and I have no doubt you will have saved some of us from serious injury or illness due to your fine presentation.
    Warren D Smalley
    President and CEO
    New Mexico Mutual Casualty Company

    You not only shared some incredibly important and lifesaving tips but you delivered them in a manner that made our employees feel a deep sense of value...our employees are still discussing your stories and expressed they have changed their behaviors as a result of what you shared. We are delighted to say that based on the feedback received from the participants that the seminars hit the mark and the overall strategy was a success.
    Mike Morrow & Art Prophet
    Boeing Health & Safety Institute
    Our feedback on this session was very complimentary to your presentation skills and wealth of knowledge in this area.
    As you are aware, delegates to our conference were comprised of risk managers from major corporations and Governments from across Canada, the U.S. and Eastern Europe. Despite diverse backgrounds, delegates obtained helpful information and many useful tips on injury prevention to bring back to their organizations.
    Marilyn Leonard
    Program Chair
    Canadian Risk Management Conference
    I would like to thank you for coming out to LaSalle County Nuclear Station and speaking at our fourth quarter safety meeting. You captivated our attendees and created quite a buzz at our station.

    I've heard nothing but positive feedback from our employees on your safety message. You did an excellent job pf personalizing the message and got the point across in a sincere but fun way of why being safe is so important. This is one safety meeting all of us here at LaSalle Station will walk away from and continue to think about for a long time.

      Thomas Dean
    Operations Supervisor
    LaSalle County Nuclear Station
    Exelon Corporation

    Your presentation style had a very dramatic impact on the messages you delivered. Many people will recall the situations during your presentation and I am positive that these situations will make them think "twice" before proceeding in an unsafe manner. Mission accomplished!
    A.W. Aaron Schell
    Manitoba Hydro

    ...I was overwhelmed by the positive comments they provided after your presentation. To list them all here would take all night to type, but the general feeling was that it was a great message, applicable to us in both the workplace and home.
    ...I've been to hundreds of safety presentations throughout my career, but few have been as thought-provoking and entertaining as yours.
    I would gladly recommend you to other companies who are looking at increasing the focus on safety relating to their employees and their families.
    Brian A. Kalin
    Canadian National Railway

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for making our Ninth Annual Celebrate Safety Banquet truly an event to remember.

    As you pointed out in your keynote speech, though, safety is something we need to think about in every aspect of our life.

    The eight points that you presented, and the stories told to illustrate their importance, were both insightful and entertaining.
    Michael T. Abeln, P.E.
    Chief, Construction Division
    US Army Corps of Engineers

    We received comments like:

    "Excellent presentation - please have more"
    "Super speaker with super message"
    "Exciting presentation"
    "Martin is always a lot of fun to listen to, he has the best presentation style"

    Your use of first hand experience and life examples makes the presentation real, humorous, and believable.
    Carol Sinclair
    Safety Analyst

    Excellent Presentation!
    A very powerful speaker with an important message. I really enjoyed it!
    Martin was excellent! He kept me interested with his humorous stories. I was very entertained.
    A very effective message, done in a terrific way. I really enjoyed it.
    The presentation really tied in the message that we learned from the other speakers in the morning!
    What a good topic, I'm going to buy his book!
    Very educational! I could relate to a lot of the stories he told. Now I'll think twice before I do something.
    I had a great time, please have him come back!
    Martin was very effective in getting his message out, I learned a lot.
    Do you have this on video? I would really like to share this with my employees.
    Various Attendees of the Impact Conference
    Industrial Accident Prevention Association

    Your talks were informative, interesting and entertaining on what can be a grim subject. Your many helpful tips will be valuable for our employees and I know they have been thought-provoking. The subject matter dove tailed nicely with our safety/health program, promoting a healthy and safe lifestyle at home as well as work.
    Earl Folkard
    Human Resources Manager
    John Manville Canada Inc.

    On behalf of the Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board, and the participants at Inside Workers' Compensation, thank you for bringing your humor, sound advice and common sense to our recent WCB Institute.
    Janice Siekawitch
    Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board

    I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave NOVA Gas Systems Design employees. NOVA is committed to the health and well-being of our employees. Your presentation and book have helped us to meet this commitment.
    Phil Barg
    NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.

    Words used to describe your presentation from our documents were "informative, energetic, well presented, great presentation - had my full attention all the time, Should be presentation included at all AWCBC in future, Passionate, was used to describe your delivery. So, Martin, I can only say thank you", which hardly seems to be enough words.
    Elaine MacEachern-Pierce
    Workers Compensation Board of P.E.I.

    Thank you for presenting your workshop "I won't be in to work today; Preventing injuries at home, Work and play" at the 11th annual Employee Development Conference.

    Your session was truly inspiring and was very popular without delegates. Listed below are some of the comments...

    Was afraid to leave for the washroom in case I missed something
    Very humorous way of dealing with very serious issues
    Super speaker who really knows his stuff
    Wonderful stories and a good storyteller
    Very dynamic speaker
    Good use of humor
    Fantastic. I learned so much
    Very real look at real-life tragedy

    I am increasingly amazed by the impact you have on your audiences.
    Laurte Hokanson
    2001 Employee Development Conference

    On behalf of Huntsman Polyurethanes, I thank you for your exceptional presentation at our recent Site Safety Meeting. You captured the attention of our employees and drove home the point of hour important every day safety is in our lives. Your method of combining the seriousness of safety with your humorous approach conveys the message very well.

    The positive feedback we have had from our employees proves how well-received you were.
    A. P. Hankins
    Vice President
    Huntsman Polyurethanes

    Delegate comments:

    Great stuff!
    Excellent talk - good subject
    Make this presentation in to a video, his message needs to be seen and heard by many more people
    Eye opener!
    Really drove home the message
    Stories were an excellent way of reinforcing highlights
    Lively, fast-paced, holds your attention, relevant
    Amazing! Good use of examples, effective message, touched all of us. Good use of humor yet serious!
    Wonderful speaker... speaks from the heart
    Forum North
    Ontario Safety Associations Health and Safety Conference

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