Accidents are Predictable and Preventable

Most injuries are preventable. People tend to blame their injuries on "accidents." However, when you examine the causes of most accidents, youíll find that the accidents are actually the result of predictable and preventable occurrences. Suppose you know youíre driving with bald tires. If one of them blows out, causing you to lose control of the car and crash, this is not an accident. Itís a predictable and preventable event.

To prevent injuries, people must accept responsibility for their actions and must take obvious steps to eliminate safety hazards.

For example, letís take "near misses" seriously. Near misses are something we tend to ignore. You might come close to cutting a finger off with a power saw and not think anything of it because you werenít actually injured. However, sometimes, itís just a fraction of an inch or a split second that separates the near miss from a serious injury. The next time you might not be so lucky. Find out what caused the near miss and take proper action to prevent it from happening again.

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Martin Lesperance is a fire fighter/paramedic and is the author of the best selling book "I Wonít be in to Work Today Ė Preventing Injuries at Home, Work and Play" Martin delivers keynote presentations dealing with injury prevention. His talks are funny, but still have a strong underlying message. Visit his website at